How do
we work?

At IBA, we want to encourage collaboration, innovation and progress, thereby delivering solutions that meet societal needs in a sustainable way from an economic, social and environmental point of view. We believe in a business model that balances purpose and profit, creating shared and sustainable value for all stakeholders. We therefore consider the impact of our policies and practices on our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the community at large and the environment. We believe this contributes to drive our society in a more inclusive and sustainable direction. 

Our customers and their patients

Our customers and their patients

Our customers 
and their patients

We develop the most effective technology for our customers so they can provide the best available diagnosis and treatment for their patients.

Our employees

Our employees


We offer them quality jobs in a stimulating, friendly environment guided by ethical values.

Our society

Our society


We promote a sustainable entrepreneurial business model that serves society while respecting the limits of our planet.

Our planet

Our planet


We continually work to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Our shareholders

Our shareholders


We show that we are worthy of their trust by being a sound financial investment and acting in accordance with our values.

do we

To protect, enhance and save lives

For over thirty years, our particle physics-based technology has contributed to treating those in our society who are ill. This desire is reflected in our mission to protect, enhance and save lives.

All our activities are targeted towards the same objective of making a positive impact on patient health by providing health care professionals with the most effective and accurate solutions for diagnosis and treatment. This goal is implemented in different ways that benefit each of the various stakeholders involved.

A flexible
and resilient business model

In today’s global and increasingly volatile economy, we have demonstrated flexibility, adaptability and resilience. These are fundamental to the continued success of our business activities.

Consistent with emerging technologies, such as proton therapy, the pace of growth can vary from year to year. We were able to offset this variability over the past year by delivering an improved performance in all business units, where each saw strong order intake.

We continue to focus on quality and innovation and thanks to excellent sales in our businesses (Proton Therapy, Dosimetry, Industrial Solutions and RadioPharma Solutions) we are managing an increasingly larger installed base and are thereby working more on service and upgrades.

Our values


We care about the well-being of our clients and patients, our employees, our society, our planet and our shareholders.


Creativity, innovation and passion are mandatory for a company that continually stretches the frontiers of technology. Day after day, we dare to create better results.


We share our ideas and expertise with our stakeholders to create better results.

Be fair

We implement our mission to Protect, Enhance and Save Lives with ethical standards and transparency to remain worthy of our stakeholders’ trust.

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