Proton Therapy: The most advanced form of Radiation Therapy

Proton Therapy
The most advanced
form of Radiation


Four successful Business Units!

IBA is a high-technology medical company which concentrates its activities on proton therapy, dosimetry, solutions
for radio-pharmacies and particle accelerators for the industry.


Proton Therapy
Changing the way you treat cancer

Proton therapy is a form of radiotherapy considered by many specialists to be the most advanced and targeted cancer treatment. Because of its precision to target the tumor and its property to spare healthy tissues, proton therapy results in fewer side effects for the benefit of patients. Half of proton therapy facilities worldwide are IBA systems.

Years of experience
Reference Centers
Patients treated
Discover our advanced Proteus Series solutions

Fastest. Most accurate. Most reliable.

For both diagnosis and therapy, delivering exactly the prescribed dose to a precisely defined area in the patient’s body is crucial.

IBA Dosimetry offers a full range of innovative high-quality solutions and services that maximize efficiency and minimize errors in Radiation Therapy, Medical Imaging Quality Assurance and Calibration procedures.

Innovation leader in QA & Patient Safety
Customers trust IBA Dosimetry
Visit the IBA Dosimetry website

RadioPharma Solutions
Your ambitions, our expertise

IBA RadioPharma Solutions offers solutions that combine equipment (cyclotron, synthesizer,...) and services for the establishment of radiopharmaceutical production centers in total compliance with current norms.
More than 260 installed cyclotrons
Up to 30 Ci in 2 hours
Synthera: The most compact
More than 500 Synthera worldwide
Visit the IBA RadioPharma Solutions website

Sustainable and efficient alternatives to chemical and radioactive solutions

IBA Industrial is the world leader in electron and proton accelerators for industrial applications and focuses on two markets: the sterilization of single-use medical devices and the improvement of the physical properties of polymers (crosslinking).
e-beam accelerators installed for polymer crosslinking
of installed power in e–beam sterilization market
Visit the IBA Industrial and Sterilization Solutions website

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